My current research is in trisections of smooth 4-manifolds. Trisections are a 4-dimensional analog of Heegaard splittings of 3-manifolds. A trisection of a smooth, closed 4-manifold \bf{X} is a decomposition \bf{X\boldsymbol{=} X_1 \boldsymbol{\cup} X_2\boldsymbol{\cup} X_3} three 4-dimensional 1-handlebodies \bf{X_i \cong \natural^k S^1 \times B^3} whose pairwise intersections are 3-dimensional handlebodies \bf{X_i\boldsymbol{\cap} X_j\boldsymbol{\cong}\boldsymbol{\#}^g S^1\boldsymbol{\times} S^2} and triple intersection \bf{X_1 \cap X_2 \cap X_3} is a surface.

There are many analogies between the theories of trisections and Heegaard splittings. For example, every smooth closed 4-manifold admits a trisection which is unique up to the appropriate notion of stabilization. There are also trisection diagrams \bf{\boldsymbol{(}F,\boldsymbol{\alpha, \beta, \gamma)}}, where \bf{F} is a closed, genus \bf{g} surface and each of \boldsymbol{\alpha, \beta, \gamma} are \bf{g}-tuples of non-separating, simple, closed curves in \bf{F} such that each triple \bf{\boldsymbol{(}F, \boldsymbol{\alpha, \beta)}},\bf{\boldsymbol{(}F, \boldsymbol{\beta, \gamma)}},\bf{\boldsymbol{(}F, \boldsymbol{\alpha, \gamma)}} is a Heegaard diagram for \bf{\#^g S^1 \times S^2.}

A Genus 3 Trisection of S^4

Publications and Preprints:

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